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Reverse Todo Process

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In my previous article, I wrote about my motivations using the Anti Todo list and how it took out tons of stress in my daily life. This way of doing things works well for me and here is how I implemented it.

Anti Todo list in Sublime Text 2

The idea here is to have this list everywhere and to be easily accessible and synchronized all the time. For synchronization, I am using the Dropbox service. In the root of my dropbox folder, I created a file called anti.todo The easiest way to do something like this from your bash command line:

touch anti.todo 

With this, the synchronization part of my solution is taken care of. For the creation of the items, you will need to have Sublime Text 2 installed on your machine, which is a terrific text editor. You will need the PlainTasks package to be installed as well. This package will be responsible for displaying the list. You can learn how to use the PlainTasks package.

Once it is all set, you can open the anti.todo file with Sublime Text 2 and start adding your achievements to the list like this:

  • Add today’s date with a colon at the end. Underneath, you will collect the list you achieved for today.
  • If you have done something then press ⌘+enter (ctrl+enter on Windows) to add an achievement for today.
  • After adding the new achievement, press ⌘+D (ctrl+d on Windows) to mark your achievement as done
  • Also, you can use tags using @ sign, like this @tag
  • Once you are done for today just save the file.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Another alternative I can recommend on the Mac for creating this list is TaskPaper for the Mac, or try TodoPaper on Windows.

If you find this useful and start using yourself, please let me know how it works out for you!