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Tools to build sites in 2021 a la Authority Hacker

I like to listen to the Authority Hacker podcast. It is full of handy information and can learn a lot about SEO and how to grow affiliate sites. Episode 253 was especially useful. I listened to it at least twice. Found so many mentions of great tools and services. I wanted to add my notes,… Read More »Tools to build sites in 2021 a la Authority Hacker


Parenting and Self-Improvement

I saw this tweet by Tim Urban (@waitbutwhy) and got me thinking about my own parenting and why working on ourselves is important. When parents raise a child, they install elements of their psyche in them. When one of those elements is damaged, the damage is usually passed on. So self-improvement isn’t selfish—it’s repairing the… Read More »Parenting and Self-Improvement

Azure Deployment Slots

Azure Deployment Slots – 5 most important things to know about them

What are Azure Deployment Slots? Azure Deployment Slot is a very useful feature of the Azure App Service. With this feature, it is possible to create one or more slots that can host different versions of your app. You can then swap these deployment slots without causing any downtime for your users.

My Favorite Shortcuts in Excel

My Favorite Shortcuts in Excel

I love shortcuts a lot. They are the most important tool in my productivity tool belt. Helping me to speed things up immensely. Here are the most important shortcuts that I us in Excel all the time:

The first two shortcuts are for inserting the current time and date when tracking my hours for a client in my contractor work. Previously, I looked up the date and time on the system clock and typed them in. This took only a few seconds, but when you try to leave a busy commuter train every second counts. Today, they are just a shortcut away.