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Git and Visual Studio Are Awesome Together

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I love Visual Studio and I love git too. What can be even better than this? Visual Studio 2012 integrated with Git. The two together are pure awesomeness and I fell in love with them.

There is a provider that you can install in visual studio 2012 and you will get git integration. It can talk to TFS if you use git there. IT can create local git repos and even can clone repositories from GitHub or from other git hosting servers.

To get the source control provider installed, you need to download and install theĀ Git Source Control ProviderĀ package from CodePlex. Once you are finished, launch Visual Studio and just open team explorer. You can connect to TFS hosted project or to local git repositories.

Getting familiar

You can create a new repo by just providing the folder name.

Once you are done, navigate there using git bash and you will see that it is a proper git repo.

You can add existing local repos as well by providing the path

Clone existing repos form GitHub

Nice touches

There are several things to like in the visual studio git integration. You can change your git settings from git explorer such as .gitignore file, your email, the root folder for your repos, even it can get your images for you, to make the history to look nicer.

There is also a super nice and clean looking diff tool for you to go through the differences in commits.

The Bad

The one thing I do not like is that there is no way to open the solution from the ide. You need to browse the solution manually. Obviously, this does not happen when you clone from TFS. Little inconvenience, but still tolerable though.

Now go download it and use it. Cheers!