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Dear User, We Love You!

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When looking at the latest and greatest apps on iOS, you might see things that are not really an essential part of the app. They might not make sense at all! Like silly animation or stitches on the edge of the screen, corinthian leather or some old-age cassette player designed by Diether Someone. You might wonder why they wasted time all on these silly details, why not just put out the app and move to make the next one!

When I look at these apps, I see something different. With all these subtle touches and sweating the small details, these apps express craftsmanship, pride, humbleness. These apps tell me the following:

Dear User,

We love you! We are humbled and greatly appreciate that you entrusted us with a piece of your attention and a little part of your life.

There is no task too small for us! We will handle all your request promptly, effortlessly and with a beaming smile on our UI.

We do what you ask us to do and then disappear like we never existed. But that’s okay! We exists to make you happier!

The Well Designed Apps
PS: Oh and the stiched corinthian leather is there, because we think you deserve the best! Period!