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Branching Out

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On iPad in particular, we have the mother of all opportunities here, because the Windows market is much, much larger than the Mac market is. And I think it is clear that it’s already cannibalizing some, and I think there’s a tremendous amount of more opportunity there and as you know I’ve said for two or three years now that I believe the tablet market will be larger than the PC market at some point and I still believe that. And you can see by the growth in tablets and the pressure on PCs that those lines are beginning to converge.

Macworld –In His Own Words: Tim Cook on Apple Earnings and More

I am a programmer by design and I bet my professional career and thus my family well-being on the Windows platform roughly 10 years ago. At the time, it looked like a very safe and conservative bet. But times are changing indeed! In a year or two, there will be two large competing computing platforms that at least as strong as Windows and they will be much larger combined.

I think it is time to branch off and start learning new stuff. I guess I just found my theme for 2013!