Not Getting an iPad

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John Gruber at DaringFireball quickly points out the logical error in Sam Grobart’s justification why he is not getting the iPad.

There’s a significant population out there, people who look at an iPad and say, “I like it, but can I get one to replace my laptop? Even for just some of the time?” And the honest answer has always been, “No.” The iPad has plenty of accessories, but it’s not a productivity device.

There might be a bit of sensationalism there, but here is something to consider. There are many first gen iPad owners out there, like me, whom are not exactly blown away by the new iPad, but want to replace this old piece of thing with something new.

I would have eventually gave in and would bought the iPad 3, but now I will just wait and see!

Developer Recipes - Using Git and Dropbox Together

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I love coding. My work is my hobby and I like to write small little apps and tools that I can use myself. I also use several machines with multiple operating systems on them and I need a workflow that would allow me to seamlesly synchornize between my machines. For this I created this process that involves git and dropbox, to keep my personal projects under source code control and have it synchroned to all my machines automatically. So I decided to document this method here.

An Easy Way to Create Awesome Looking Windows Phone7 Icons Using Expression Design

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I am always having problems when it comes to creating icons for my Wp7 apps.I am a coder and not a designer, so drawing something nice looking is really really out of my comfort zone.

Previously I spent hours trying to draw symbols myself, but I never really liked the outcome. But lately, I found a quick and effective way to create nice looking icons for my Windows Phone 7 apps. Here it goes:

My Version of the IKEAPad

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I recently saw the IKEAPad stand on IKEA Hackers and I really liked it. IKEAPad is basically a simple iPad stand constructed from an Ekby Valter that costs 3$, that is less cheaper that you would pay for any iPad stand on the market. After reading the article, I decided to create my own version, for this you will need to buy 2 pieces of Ekby Valter and take out the shortest piece of wood from one of the Ekby Valter and use it as a dowel. I guess it is easier to understand if you see it.

The finished iPad stand in my kitchen holding the iPad

An Easy Way to Create Windows Phone 7 Icons Using Expression Design

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In the past I had problems when I wanted to create icons quickly for my Windows Phone 7 apps before submitting them to the marketplace certification. A good set of consistent icons is a good way to give a good first impression to your future customers, but if you decide to create those icons yourself then it is a time consuming task. I decided to fix this problem for good!

Windows Phone 7 Icons with Expression Design

For your application and for marketplace submission you will need the following artwork:

  • Application Icon (62 x 62)
  • Application Tile Image (173 x 173)
  • Marketplace catalog icon (small) (99 x 99)
  • Marketplate catalog icon (large) (173 x 173)
  • Desktop application icon (200 x 200)

To create an icon and the resize it correctly and export it is always a lot of repetitive work, the one I do not enjoy. So in my favorite design tool - Expression Design 4 - created a file, where all you need is to replace the shape in each icon and select File | Export and you are done. All the icons will be ready for your project.

I created a git repository for it called WP7ExpressionIcons. I used this to articles as my starting point:

BootstrapMVC, an ASP.NET MVC Project Using Twitter Bootstrap

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My favorite web development framework is ASP.NET MVC. I like its simplicity and that it is very easy to learn. The whole approach is just makes sense to me, unlike the classic ASP.NET. However, the default MVC theme is getting really old and bring.

I also really like the Twitter Bootstrap framework from twitter. It looks totally awesome and it can be used to create good looking websites really quick. So it made sense to create an MVC project using Twitter Bootstrap. The result is BootstrapMVC.

BootstrapMVC is an ASP.NET MVC project using the Twitter Botstrap CSS. Just download it from github and open the solution file in Visual Studio.NET.

This is how it looks:

ASP.NET MVC theme using Twitter Bootstrap

Check out the BootstrapMVC or download the project from github.

Apphub Membership Is Free for Nokia Launchpad Members

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It seems that you can save the price of 1 year Microsoft AppHub membership, if you are a Nokia Launchpad member and an Ovi Appstore Publisher.

If you use the same email address that you used to register with Nokia Launchpad to register for a one year membership for Apphub, the $99 price of the membership will be returned to you.

The Apphub is the main site, where you can register to publish apps to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace or to xbox360, a one year membership costs $99 dollars. So if you are planning to develop and publish apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform then it is time take the chance and register for free.

Here is the information from Nokia:

We are offering a free Microsoft App Hub registration for the first one year to those Nokia Developer PRO and Launchpad members who are registered Ovi publishers in the countries that Microsoft supports on the App Hub. This offer will save you $99 USD (the regular annual membership fee) as the membership fee will be refunded to you by Microsoft. The membership will give you access to submit applications for Windows Phone Marketplace as well as access to the developer tools, documentation, code samples and forums.