EmailMe for Windows Phone 7

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This post was written by me about two months ago, then I forgot about it. I decided to publish it regardless. This app did not really live up to the plans downloadwise, but I am still happy with it. I plan to write a follow up and discuss what I learnt from it marketing and business wise!

In the last three-four months I worked on my first app called EmailMe, while commuting and now it is available on the marketplace for 0.99.

Crossing the Rubicon

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Once in every few years I have this moment, when I start to use something new and I realize that this thing will stay with me and I cannot go back anymore to the old stuff!

Couple of days ago I had this moment with Windows 8, because of a keyboard shortcut!

iPad Mini Stealing the Stage?

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The equal billing of iPad Mini with Windows 8 is itself bad news for Microsoft. Windows 8 represents the reinvention of Microsoft, one of the biggest changes the company has ever made. The iPad Mini is a follow-on product in the iPad line. It’s a very nice follow-on, and probably one that will sell very well, but it’s not at the same level of importance as Windows 8.

Launching Windows 8

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Today is Windows 8 launch day and I am very excited! While waiting for this day I started to read all these reviews and after reading most of the reviews - some are nice and some are not that nice - I have the feeling that this product launch is not going that well! I started to think how this new platform should be presented.

No Coins

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It occurred to me this morning, how I am not keeping any coins in my pocket anymore. Not wearing watches. No cameras with me, not using alarm clocks. There are no coins in my pocket, because it would scratch the gorilla glass on my smartphone. Watch, camera and alarm clocks are obsoleted by the phone! No shreds of paper and pen with me to write down things.

The smartphone took over and I am getting old and nostalgic now!

Dear User, We Love You!

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When looking at the latest and greatest apps on iOS, you might see things that are not really essential part of the app. They might not make sense at all! Like silly animation or stitches on the edge of the screen, corinthian leather or some old-age cassette player designed by Diether Someone. You might wonder why they wasted time all on these silly details, why not just put out the app and move to make the next one!

When I look at these apps, I see something different. With all these subtle touches and sweating the small details, these apps express craftmanship, pride, humbleness. These apps tell me the following:

Dear User,

We love you! We are humbled and greatly appreciate that you entrusted us with a piece of your attention and a little part of your life.

There is no task too small for us! We will handle all your request promptly, effortlessly and with a beaming smile on our UI.

We do what you ask us to do and then disappear like we never existed. But that’s okay! We exists to make you happier!

The Well Designed Apps
PS: Oh and the stiched corinthian leather is there, because we think you deserve the best! Period!

Not Getting an iPad

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John Gruber at DaringFireball quickly points out the logical error in Sam Grobart’s justification why he is not getting the iPad.

There’s a significant population out there, people who look at an iPad and say, “I like it, but can I get one to replace my laptop? Even for just some of the time?” And the honest answer has always been, “No.” The iPad has plenty of accessories, but it’s not a productivity device.

There might be a bit of sensationalism there, but here is something to consider. There are many first gen iPad owners out there, like me, whom are not exactly blown away by the new iPad, but want to replace this old piece of thing with something new.

I would have eventually gave in and would bought the iPad 3, but now I will just wait and see!

Developer Recipes - Using Git and Dropbox Together

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I love coding. My work is my hobby and I like to write small little apps and tools that I can use myself. I also use several machines with multiple operating systems on them and I need a workflow that would allow me to seamlesly synchornize between my machines. For this I created this process that involves git and dropbox, to keep my personal projects under source code control and have it synchroned to all my machines automatically. So I decided to document this method here.