Keyboard Shortcut Starter Kit for Windows 8

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As you might found out I am huge fan of Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8. I love the new Start Screen and how fast the metro style apps are. I am waiting for a touch based device that runs Windows 8, but until I have a touch device at hand and can try all the touch features, I am stuck with a standard pre-touch laptop.

Windows 8 is also very nice on a standard PC and what really makes it fly high are the keyboard shortcuts. I highly encourage you to try those and memorize them. Once they become muscle memory, they will make you super-fast and productive.

I would like to present you with a collection of the most useful and essential shortcuts:

Windows key is the mother of all shortcuts on Windows 8. It will get you to the Start Screen from the current app and back to your previous app, if you press it once more. Once you are on the Start Screen, just start typing and it will search the apps that you have installed. This is the fastest way to start the apps on your system.

Windows + D, gets you to the classic desktop and back to the app you were using, if you press it once more. The next shortcut is Windows + C, that brings up the charms bar. This one lets you access the charms such as search or settings. It will also show the current date and time, the battery and network status on the bottom left side of the screen.

Windows + I is the shortcut I use the most. This brings up the settings charm and you can switch on and off the airport mode, audio volume and brightness and control panel directly. As a laptop user, I find it very convenient to be able to switch Wi-Fi on/off with two clicks.

Windows + Space is my all-time favorite. This one lets you to change the input language or cycle them through if you press it many times. The reason while I am so enthusiastic about this one is because I am using its twin sister on OS X Apple + Space to switch input language. For me this is a welcome change, because in the past I often found myself trying the shortcut, when using Windows 7 just to find out that this is a different OS and this will be not working here. This is not the case anymore and I can rely on muscle memory to switch the input language. I am truly happy!

Windows + X is the last one. This keyboard shortcut is for the power users. It will bring up an advanced menu on the bottom left side of the screen and there will be menus to access all the advanced features of the operating system such Command Prompt Admin, Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer. This comes very handy, if you need to access the more advanced functions a lot.

This is my start kit of keyboard shortcuts for Windows8. I hope it will help you to become faster. Enjoy!