EmailMe for Windows Phone 7

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This post was written by me about two months ago, then I forgot about it. I decided to publish it regardless. This app did not really live up to the plans downloadwise, but I am still happy with it. I plan to write a follow up and discuss what I learnt from it marketing and business wise!

In the last three-four months I worked on my first app called EmailMe, while commuting and now it is available on the marketplace for 0.99.

With this app I had two goals. I wanted to make something that would fit my need and would use daily and I wanted to make something really polished and nice looking. I think I achieved both of these goals. I like how the app looks and I use it every day several time.

EmailMe is a simple app that let’s you to create messages and send them to yourself.

Why would anyone send messages to themselves? Isn’t it just a littlebit weird? Let me explain.

I switched from Android app about a year ago when I received my belowed Lumia 800. On the Android phone I had several apps I relied on like the Kindle app, Audible or Google Listen. I had a Kindle client on Windows Phone 7 on day one and the phone is very great doing pdocast. Audible app now is finally available as well.

I also was a big user of the EEBA can help website. It is a finanacial website that let’s you to implement a budget system and enter your spendings. It has a great iPhone and Android client that syncs flawlesly with the website. When, I contacted them and asked them if there is a cleint for Windows Phone 7 they politely told me that they do not have one and not planning to create one in the near future.

So I started to send email messages to myself to record what I spent money on the day nad entered these records at the evening into the EEBA site. Creating 5-10 meail messages on the phone was kind of repeptitve and clumsy. Over and over I had to enter the first few letters of my email. Provide a subject line and hit send button.

So I envisioned an app that would be helping me to send email where I do not need to enter email addresses over and over and I do not need to fill the subject line.

The app would fast to start, I would type in my message and hit send. No more worries about addresses and subject lines. The message would act as the subject line - truncated over certain length - and the message as well.

I put together a quick and dirty prototype and started using it. While using, I ironed out the bugs and starting to add features that I have missed.

Since then I gave up EEBA and switched to use YNAB which is awesome! Unfortunately no client for the wp7 platform yet. But I use my app everyday to post my spending records and notes. This workflow where I use my inbox as container for action items works for me very well as I clean out my inbox every day. Spending records are going to YNAB and notes or todos are going to todo application.

I also spent lot of time to polish the app. I added handling multiple email addresses. History for previous messages. I made sure that the app looks nice, bright and clean. The text is well readable even to me! :)

I also added a feature where I can learn how much I used the phone. How much messages I sent and the total time! The feature did not make too much sense, but I enjoyed implementing it.

All in all it was very enjoyable and fun time to implement the app and I learned a lot about the technology! It was a nice first step… now on to the next app!