Launching Windows 8

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Today is Windows 8 launch day and I am very excited! While waiting for this day I started to read all these reviews and after reading most of the reviews - some are nice and some are not that nice - I have the feeling that this product launch is not going that well! I started to think how this new platform should be presented.

I think I would try to become a great artist and steal from the greatest. So without further ado I present my plan of the Windows 8 keynote. It would go something like this:

Thank you for coming this morning. We are really thrilled that have you here sharing this very proud moment.

Today, we are going to launch not one, but there product. The greatest desktop Windows yet. The world’s most advanced laptop operating system and the best touch device that puts the iPad to shame (yeah, I would not be shy to pick on the competition).

You get it. Windows 8 is not just one operating system. It is actually three seperate thing that will blow your mind…

The greatest Windows yet. We very very happy with Windows 7 the world most used and most advanced operating system, but we wanted to go even further. It is not just a simple upgrade, but we reimagined Windows to be the best Windows experience for the coming great generation of PCs.

I would take back the most advanced operating system claim from Apple just like that.

The second great product we are launching today is the best mobile operating system for laptops, providing a great touchpad experience for mobile users and helping them becoming more productive. Windows 8 is fast, power efficient and works seamless with existing and coming laptops.

Finally, we are launching a great touch device that is different and we beleive better than the existing tablets out there. When you see the first time the touch surface of Windows 8, you will see theat it is bright and brilliant.

So, if I would Microsoft, I would introduce my product like this. But of course, I am noone at Microsoft…

Gosh, I can’t wait to play with the Surface!